Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for your services?


Pete's Wildlife Control Services LLC is a private company that is licensed through the Pennsylvania Game Commission, but is not part of it, nor supported by local or state governments.

  To give you an general idea of residential costs

Example: You have a groundhog under your deck and want it removed-  


$125 Service call/ setup + $75/ groundhog = $200 + tax = $212*

* This example the property owner or designee is checking & reporting trap status daily and there is a single animal. Additional animals, including non-targets, and additional trips will be billed!

NOT all jobs are this straight forward and may result in increased expense!

What are your basic residential wildlife service fees?

$125- Minimum residential service fee

$150- Minimum emergency response fee

$400- Minimum raccoon eviction

$225- Bird removal from vent (minimum). See below for details

$75-   Rabies Vector Species (RVS): Bat, skunk, groundhog, raccoons, fox, & coyote; each

$65-   Opossums; each

$45-   Squirrels, chipmunks, birds, rabbits, & any non-targets that are releasable; each 

$25-   Minimum daily trap check fee, unless wildlife is caught, then refer to above fee schedule. In most cases the homeowner can safely check at a distance and notify Pete daily if trap has been triggered or not. No trap check fee if this is done. Clients are not to touch traps!

Per Pennsylvania state regulations:

Only License Wildlife Control Operators are permitted to release animals in traps!

I set a trap and caught an animal. Will you come out and remove it?

Yes. Removal fee is $125

What are your exclusion, repair, & animal clean-up fees?

Needed exclusions/repairs or animal clean-up (e.g., nesting materials) vary and will require an onsite estimate. I do not have the necessary equipment to clean/restore large damaged areas from animal waste (poop). A restoration company will need to be utilized by the homeowner.

What should I expect upon your arrival?

Initial Inspection

The inspection involves identifying wildlife that may be causing damage or living in an unwanted area by determining areas of activity and points of entry.



The findings during the inspection will guide what specialty trap to use and where to place it. Many animals can be caught in a day or two, but some take longer. It is not uncommon for multiple animals to be living together despite only one being seen.


Traps will be checked daily for wildlife capture and, in most cases, removed from the property.

Exclusion & repair

Once wildlife is evicted the entry points should be repaired to prevent reentry. If any other areas of concern were identified in the initial inspection, this is a good time to prevent future problems.

Do you remove bird nests from vents?



Minimum charge for a single vent is $225. This includes eviction of the bird, removal of nesting materials, placement of a standard bird guard to prevent further problems.

In some cases the birds have breeched the vent and are nesting in the attic, for example. This will require entering the space, removal of nesting material, replacement of duct. This results in additional expense. Some oversized vents require larger vent covers that are not considered 'standard' and are an additional cost.


Do you respond to domestic animal calls?


My license allows me to respond to wildlife, not domestic animals such as cats, dogs, chickens, llamas, or cows, for example.


York County SPCA 717-764-6109

Adams County SPCA 717-334-8876 

What areas do you service?

Pete's Wildlife Control Services LLC provides coverage in the following areas in Pennsylvania:






East Berlin

East York


Lake Meade
Leader Heights



New Salem

North York



Spring Garden




West York

York City

York Haven

If you're not sure, feel free to call,


Thank you for considering Pete's Wildlife Control Services LLC!