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Bats are creepy! It's crucial to ensure they don't move into your home in York. If you see any signs of them indoors, swift action is key. Contacting a professional is important, as allowing them to freely roam in your living space can lead to various consequences. Our services include highly sought-after removal and exclusion.

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bat removal York, PA

Seal Up Your Home

Our experts not only excel at removing bats from your home but go beyond. While effectively trapping them is a start, true success involves proactively protecting your home from future infestations through effective exclusion measures. Implementing proper exclusion techniques significantly lowers the risk of future intrusions, providing a more comprehensive and enduring solution.

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By thoroughly inspecting your residence, we can pinpoint the entry points and then seal off these areas, preventing further access effectively. Drawing on our expertise gained from inspecting and removing bats from numerous homes in York, we have valuable insights into specific locations to investigate. Be assured that our comprehensive inspection and precise removal services leave no stone unturned, safeguarding your property thoroughly from these winged intruders.

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Our Removal Process

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Perform Inspection

Prior to trapping, our specialists will perform a comprehensive examination. This inspection serves various purposes, including confirming their presence, evaluating the extent of the infestation, formulating an effective trapping strategy, and identifying the exact entry points within your residence.

Remove & Control

The nest step involves strategically positioning traps in the affected area to capture and remove bats. This approach requires multiple visits to assess the traps' effectiveness and safely eliminate them. The necessary number of visits, usually ranging from 3 to 5, depends on the severity of the infestation, a factor determined through our initial inspection.

Provide Exclusion

During our initial inspection, a primary focus is on identifying every entry point. Our specialists understand that without sealing these access points effectively, the risk of additional infestations remains imminent. Therefore, the crucial step in our process involves identifying and securing all entryways to ensure long-lasting exclusion and prevent future intrusions.

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Personalized Solutions

At Pete's, we understand that every issue is unique. Our approach is tailored to your specific situation, providing personalized solutions that address the root of your problem, whether it's roof damage or attic invasion.

Ongoing Support and Education

Our commitment to you doesn't end with trapping and removal. We provide ongoing support and education to help you prevent future problems. Our experts are here to answer your questions and offer guidance on sealing up your home.

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